Purchasing an IVIS Report

There are five steps to the buying process.
Step 1: Register/Log-in
Register as a Purchaser, or if you have previously registered, log-in.  

Step 2: Company Search
Search for companies in the IVIS database and locate an IVIS Report.

Step 3: Click Buy
IVIS Reports cost £250 + VAT. Click on the Buy button next to the IVIS Report which you wish to purchase. You will then be asked to confirm our Terms and Conditions and be taken to our secure payment interface to purchase your report.

Step 4: Download or view the report
Once the payment has been completed you will be able to view or download your purchased report.

Step 5: Request Alerts
Registered users can select to be notified when any further IVIS Report is published for a particular company.
Start Now
Locate an IVIS Report by Name, Sector, Keyword or FTSE Rank through the Company Search tool. Or, alternatively, use the Forthcoming Meetings screen to find a meeting by date.

IVIS reports are purchased from The Investment Association, Camomile Court, 23 Camomile Street, London, EC3A 7LL. Your order or purchase cannot be cancelled or refunded once you have downloaded the IVIS report. Follow these links for our full Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and User Agreement.