The Proxy Report

The Proxy Report offers a commentary on the resolutions proposed at a meeting.

Key Issues
The Key Issues section lists the main areas of the report that investors have asked us to highlight, and which may be contentious. These may relate to any part of the three reports. The key issues highlights the issue which has led to a Red or Amber Top.
This section is a duplicate of the Proxy form which is sent out with the Notice of Meeting. An ‘A’ or an ‘R’ next to the name of a Non-Executive Director shows that they are a member of the Audit Committee or Remuneration Committee. A Note, which may not necessarily be contentious, merely indicates that further information can be found in the report.

Data Tables

Each IVIS Report for an AGM includes a number of tables:

The Notes section forms the main body of the report. We aim to distil the often highly technical information from the Annual Report into a clear and concise summary, whilst still presenting all the relevant facts. We provide a short synopsis of the issues and changes to consider in a conclusion and express our opinion in the STATUS Bar which follows each Note.