Benefits of IVIS

IVIS does the groundwork
Our job is to analyse each Annual Report in detail and identify the key issues or where the Company’s approach is not in accordance with best practice or our guidelines. This allows investors to focus on what is important.
Concise and to the point reports
IVIS Reports are designed to be quick and easy to read. This saves you time, allowing you to concentrate on the voting process.
Early delivery
Wherever possible, our commitment is to publish the IVIS Report three weeks before the meeting. This allows you to plan your workload around voting deadlines.
IVIS is part of The Investment Association which represents the UK investment Management industry. Members manage over £5.5 trillion of assets on behalf of UK and overseas clients, and hold over 30% of total domestic market capitalisation.
Non-prescriptive approach
We do not issue direct voting recommendations. Instead, in the spirit of comply-or-explain, we highlight key issues and breaches of best practice through our unique Colour Coding system. This gives us flexibility in our dealings with companies and the ability to consider well-reasoned arguments.  

Expressing the views of real holders
As our Subscribers have holdings across the FTSE All-Share, we can always speak to a significant holder about any company matter and reflect their views in the reports on any particular issue. This helps to form the IVIS judgments.
Knowledge of what the market is thinking
Many advisers, such as lawyers, PR agencies and consultants subscribe to the IVIS service. They find it an invaluable way to keep abreast of market views.  

Access to consultations
IA members are regularly consulted by companies on remuneration and governance issues. Other Subscribers may also be included in these consultations where their stake is considered to be material. 

Experienced team
The experience of our team, and the close guidance we receive from our members, means that we understand which issues concern holders. This is vital to deliver the level of accuracy which is required by our members and Subscribers.